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Hardware Requirements

Stability uses Substrate as its blockchain framework. We strongly advise to use the appropriate hardware for secure and efficient participation in the network. These recommendations provided aim to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Substrate Requirements

Below are the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for running a node or validator on the Stability network using Substrate:

ComponentRequirement TypeSpecification
CPUMinimumQuad-core processor, 2.0 GHz or higher
RecommendedModern 8-core processor, 3.0 GHz or higher (e.g., Intel i7, AMD Ryzen 7)
MemoryMinimum16 GB RAM
Recommended32 GB RAM or more
StorageTypeSSD (Solid State Drive)
Minimum500 GB SSD
Recommended1 TB SSD or more, high endurance and performance (e.g., NVMe)
NetworkingInternet ConnectionStable, high-speed internet with a minimum of 100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
Recommended1 Gbps or higher dedicated bandwidth

AWS Recommendations

For hosting nodes and validators, Stability leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide specific instance recommendations based on the role of the node to optimize for cost-efficiency and performance. These instances have been chosen for their ability to meet and exceed the network's requirements.

Type of ServiceType of Amazon Web Service Instance
Archival Nodec6i.4xlarge
Full Nodec6i.2xlarge

It is crucial to select the appropriate AWS instance type based on the specific demands of your node or validator to ensure that your operations run smoothly and without interruptions. This alignment with AWS capabilities also helps in scaling operations as the network grows or during high transaction volumes.